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About Tajima Creative

Tajima Creative

Tajima Creative is a community that works with a conscience. And we do it by design. The way we see it, design is about something bigger than aesthetics. It’s about ideas. It’s about putting our creativity, our passions and, yes, even our hope for a solid night’s sleep where our values are. Collectively and individually, we’re on a mission to do good in our little corners of the universe. Whether it’s sustainable buildings, creative wellness or branding that taps truths, our products and services address the progressive issues we care about. Now we’re not naïve. It’s one thing to design with a series of beliefs and another thing to make a living at it. Some of us have been shaking up convention for years and some of us are just beginning to. But at the end of the day, we’ve all set out to do the same thing –– prove that you can rethink design and redefine business at the same time.



About Elaine Tajima

Elaine Tajima

Tajima Creative Partners is the brainchild of Elaine Tajima, an idea-generating army of one who has founded and supported numerous projects that advance social and environmental issues. Elaine is one of those people who –– how to put this? –– cares. A lot. About big issues. Women’s rights, ecological activism, global peace –– that’s the stuff that races her heart morning, noon and night.
 The companies that are part of Tajima Creative Partners share her set of progressive ideals. And they do so in unique, transformative, wow-that’s-cool ways. As founder and CEO of Tajima Creative, an experiential marketing and design firm, Elaine believes that it’s possible to advocate change with design and to create viable businesses while doing it. And Tajima Creative Partners is happy to prove it.



Tom Sandonato

Tom Sandonato is an environmental designer who also happens to be a visual merchandising renegade, a sketchpad connoisseur and a “c’mon-kids, let’s-put-on-a-show” kind of guy. And really, it can get kind of exhausting just watching him. While most of us are busy putting one foot in front of the other, Tom has already raced around the corner into stuff we’ll discover years later. Sustainable products. Off-grid living. Ordinary throw-aways transformed into way-cool designs. That’s the stuff that gets him going. Currently, Tom works in two universes. He’s the founder of KitHaus, modernist pre-fabs that are being snatched up daily by people who know a good thing when they see it. He also continues his career as a visual artist, honing retail environments for high-profile clients.



About Aimee Epstein

Aimee Epstein

There’s something about Aimee. Maybe it’s the way she blends the ethereal with the essential. Or maybe it’s how she introduces objectivity to creativity. Or maybe it’s that she’s equally comfortable in Manhattan or Machu Picchu. The daughter of two entrepreneurs, they apparently sprinkled can-do philosophy on her breakfast cereal, because she makes things happen. Wherever she goes, there she is. Her mix of left and right brain skills led Aimee to adventures (okay, some might call them “jobs”) ranging from Broadway production companies to Martha Stewart Living. She rounded out her years in New York City as an academic advisor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she also coordinated special events, and as a certified yoga teacher. Luckily for us, Aimee is discerning but not discriminating. Whether she’s creating designs or creating spreadsheets, writing bids or writing copy, she gets it done.



Brad Hennig

When it comes to entertainment and retail marketing, Brad definitely knows his stuff. He’s an independent feature film screenwriter and producer, a marketing, PR and promotions bigwig and an all-around nice guy whose work on award-winning campaigns hasn’t gone to his head. Which, frankly, we think is really nice of him. Over the course of 20 years, Brad has overseen a huge number of entertainment and retail initiatives, including programs for MGM’s James Bond feature film franchise, and global campaigns for Visa, IMAX, JCPenney, and Capitol Records. In 2013, he wrote, produced a released an indie feature film comedy called “The Hot Flashes,” about middle-aged women playing basketball against high school girls’ teams starring Brooke Shields, Wanda Sykes, Daryl Hannah, Virginia Madsen and Camryn Manheim.



About Jacob Kemp

Jacob Kemp

Jacob is Tajima Creative’s polymath on a mission. An artist, actor, writer, musician, yogi, designer, stylist, and creative director - he’s our modern Renaissance Man. Jacob graduated from Yale, with distinction in the arts, having worked on over fifty productions of theater, music, and dance in four years. So, he’s an overachiever - but the guy only takes his work seriously, never himself. Whether creating the aesthetic character of a brand through typography and illustration, or singing at Carnegie Hall or the White House; whether collaborating with Fortune500 companies or serving as the creative director for independent non-profits - Jacob is our resident mold-breaker and inter-disciplinarian. While living out Tajima Creative’s mission of advocating for positive change in the world through the arts, he also makes a mean puttanesca sauce, and should probably start charging for his baked goods.



John Sabel

You never know where John will be working - some days it’s under an umbrella at the beach or in his car driving down from Big Sur. If he finds a clean surface and a pen, he’ll be practicing his Spencerian script. He’s the life of the party, the guy with the hat and a great story about how he started his career in design with the dead man’s suit.

He’s an executive creative director who, when he worked at Disney, convinced people to look UP, turned the number 3 into one of the top marketed animated films, and literally stopped traffic with the first use of super graphics on a building next to the 405 freeway.

If you have an idea, John will jump in feet first!



About Ann Enkoji

Ann Enkoji

When Ann isn’t busy rappelling off a multi-story building for charity, she manages new and existing client opportunities for Tajima Creative, focusing on Southern California.  A Business Development Consultant with more than 15 years of experience, Ann has worked on design and marketing projects for RSA Films, The Organic Pharmacy, Eames Foundation, Natural History Museum, Millennium Hotels, Quiksilver, and Nordstrom.

She began her career working with Charles and Ray Eames before becoming an exhibiting ceramic artist in Berkeley.  She later worked with Stanley Moss in New York, and then became a retail arts & crafts buyer in Singapore before returning to the U.S. to continue her design career. In 1998 Ann started her Los Angeles-based consultancy, Atmo, to provide resources for businesses that base their revenue on their creativity. She is also co-founder of the Outside Institute (www.outsideinsitute.org) and teaches Design Research.



About Kathy Stirling

Kathy Stirling

Kathy’s coworkers have called her a 'unique breed' in the design industry, but we all agree a more fitting nickname is ‘Rosie the Riveter.’ She can do it all at once (and then some), while somehow keeping the final vision at the front of her mind.  Her ability to turn a simple space into a full-blown experience inspires those around her, as do the high standards she holds for herself and for her projects.  

For over twenty years, Kathy lent her talents to Levi Strauss & Co., designing stores, managing projects, and leading the global creative team. Her gung-ho attitude carries through in everything she does, from kayaking and hiking to working on changing perceptions of her beloved rescue pit bulls, one of which is an excellent therapy dog.Yet another example of Kathy's ‘Rosie’ attitude.  



Michael Tchong

Michael Tchong is a high-energy, passionate guy who devotes himself to driving trends that reinvent markets. An innovation catalyst, Michael dissects opportunities that exploit market shifts, in particular massive "ubertrend" waves. He has led over 400 talks worldwide, offering audiences remarkable insights into business, lifestyle, social media, marketing and technology trends.Michael's many endeavors include ICONOCLAST and Social Revolution -- a start-up that aims to reshape the future of marketing by using next-generation user experiences to help marketers improve their ROI. And in his spare time, you can find him as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, lecturing on innovation. His leading-edge analysis can be found at ubercool.com. 




About Mark Meneghetti

Mark Meneghetti

A creative, hard-working and love-what-he-does kind of guy, Mark is one of our favorite graphic designers and illustrators. Always learning and adapting, we can count on Mark to develop strategic creative visual communication solutions that work within any project and brand guidelines we throw his way. He's a natural when it comes to retail environmental concepts, graphics, branding, prototyping, typography, visual presentations, print design, creative/conceptual thinking, packaging...and dogs, of course. No wonder we love him.



About Sarah Pruett

Sarah Pruett

Where to start with Sarah? Her husband aptly describes her as an “island hippie chick,” but to us she’s our resident design superhero. An award-winning designer, her infinite attention to detail makes her perfectly suited for work on our most complex and detailed visual systems. Some might call her a perfectionist, but she prefers to look at it as “seeing the beauty in the minutia” and we tend to agree. If we’ve got a design challenge, Sarah’s first on our speed dial. She’s always ready to give it a go and takes pride in bringing everything she can to the table.

So what does a mild-mannered designer do in her spare time? Well, when she’s not carrying on the family legacy of downhill skiing, you can find Sarah kayaking, playing guitar, studying music theory, getting a little garden-therapy, and caring for her extraordinary family.  A superhero, indeed!



Tom Tor

TT, as we know and love him, graduated from Art Center College of Design and has been recognized for his design work, including receiving the United Nations Award for his campaign for landmine awareness. Tom leads the way on many of Tajima’s digital and 3D animation projects after cutting his teeth at Ogilvy & Mather and TBWA/Chiat/Day. His incredible illustrations and bleeding edge ideas never cease to amaze.    



Michele Edwards

Perpetual motion meets persistent purpose in one Michele Edwards. Whether it’s film development at Paramount, managing the careers of some legendary Hollywood talent, serving as executive style editor for CODE magazine, managing/merchandising a posh Beverly Hills boutique, writing and costarring in Style Network's THE MODERN GIRL’S GUIDE TO LIFE, developing then launching a client's beauty product line, making retail magic at I. Magnin and Ralph Lauren, repurposing vintage jewelry, or interior designing high-end celebrity homes, Michele’s been there and done that, keeping an eye on the bottom line while bringing the dream to fruition. Kinda like your personal, professional mom. Without the guilt.



Chris Lohr

You could call Chris Lohr a jack of all trades. Well, you could if he didn’t keep mastering them. He’s built a house from scratch, written music for film soundtracks, photographed covers for other artists’ albums, and developed music and film archives for clients like Beck, Foo Fighters and Francis Ford Coppola. He’s groovy enough that his primary hyphenate was once actor/model/NCAA vollyballer/pro-surfer, so If Chris looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s walked the runway Europe, been photographed by Ritts and Avedon, had his surfing sponsored by Rip Curl, Quicksilver and McCoy, and acted alongside George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.  He’s lived on five out of seven continents, but these days we’re happy he’s calling TCP home, where we’re utilizing his creative talents in photography, organization and as a project majordomo.   



About Mason Meyer

Mason Meyer

Mason Meyer dreamed of combining his two passions in life: interior design with health and wellness. Sounded nutty at first, but after much contemplation a light bulb went off and Home|Body Design was born. Having worked at some of the top architecture firms in New York City he is able to parlay his professional corporate background with his out-of-the box ideas that keep him excited and inspired. Mason uses a design approach that offers the client a beautiful environment that is geared to support their healthy habits and lifestyle. As an avid runner, cyclist, weight trainer, yogi and meditator, Mason is endlessly fascinated with how physical and spiritual practices can improve our lives. He began playing with how his home design could influence his behaviors and experienced the powerful impact it had on his lifestyle activities. 



Kathy Prost

We tried to come up with a word besides guru to describe Kathy, but honestly, everything else seemed so tepid. Kathy is a trend-spotter (and setter), a retail strategist and a product development, planning and visual –– OK, here it comes –– guru, who has spent her entire career repositioning existing businesses, developing new business strategies and maximizing high growth opportunities. Basically, Kathy’s a big shot who refuses to act like one, which is something we all appreciate. Over the years, she’s held senior-level positions at Warner Bros., Gymboree, Cherokee and Babystyle among others.



Nancy Murr

Nancy is happy to write for all kinds of clients –– (retail, foods, start-ups, universities, grills, insurance companies, big-time developers, you name it) –– and in many forms –– (websites, capabilities pieces, brochures, collateral). What she doesn’t like to write about, however, is herself. Really. Ask her to jot down a few thoughts about her years as an award-winning advertising copywriter or her career creating memorable brands and voices, and she’s mum. Not a word. And honestly, if you can’t get a writer to write, who can you get?


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